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Hank Williams' Guitar


"Do you have one guitar that is so rare you don't even dare play it?"

Back in 1992, when a French guitar magazine asked Neil Young that question he answered:

"No, I don't ever have that sort of reaction. I have a guitar that Hank Williams owned, but I use it all the time. It's an old Martin D-28 and I bought it from Tut Taylor. Its always great to realize the history that you are holding in your understand the importance and the influence of Hank Williams for all of us. People are almost scared to be in the presence of something he could have touched...almost to the point where they think that just touching the instrument will elevate them to another plane. It's wonderful to have that guitar for those reasons. Most of the people who should have used that guitar have used it. I'm very careful with it, but I use it constantly


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