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Famous Cousins

Kenny played lead guitar in Jack Reeves band for many years. Jack was Glen Campbell's cousin. In the movie, Kenny tells the funny story about what happened when they went to Glen's house in Beverly hills.

But Kenny also played music with another cousin of a famous performer. In 1946, Kenny was 18 and Jack Guthrie (Woody's cousin) was 31 with the number one song in the country, Oklahoma Hills. Jack Guthrie never had a band of his own and when he played in Oklahoma City, young Kenny often played lead guitar for him.

Kenny remembers: "I was working at the Hob Nob in Oklahoma City. Jack played there off and on for a year. We were playing on the bandstand. We probably played something the fellow didn't like, or we didn't play his song. I don't know what happened. But here come a big salt shaker sailing across the room and just barely missed Jack and me. I don't know whether it was meant for me or meant for Jack. Jack said, 'Whoever threw that salt shaker would he come up here and let me know?' A guy walked up to the bandstand. Jack hit him one time and knocked him to the floor. The guy came to in a little bit and went back to his seat and sat down. No more commotion after that. I didn't know at the time that Jack was already sick. He died soon after of Tuberculosis. He went out singing and swinging."

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